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We encourage our clients to allow us to set up a personal portal for the secure exchange of information.  You can request a portal at anytime; submit your request by using the link Request to Set-up a Portal OR contact and provide an email address for the set-up.  You will then be asked to register your portal via an automated email.  Once, your portal is set up and registered, then you can upload tax documents or other correspondence for us.  The portal enables us to provide forms and tax returns to you, too.

To access your portal after registration, please go to our homepage and select the icon Client Portal Login located on the upper right side.  Please click Forgot Password, if applicable and a new password will be emailed to the email address associated with that portal.

Tips for effectively using your portal:

Uploading documents to your portal:

  1. Scan documents in their entirety (please avoid scanning each page of a multi-page document separately). 
  2. Login to your portal and view the folders under File Exchange in order to select the applicable folder for the document you are uploading as follows (please note that you may not have every folder mentioned):
  •   Tax Information Personal: use to upload all tax documents that pertain to your personal tax return.    
  •   Tax Information Business: use to upload all tax documents that pertain to your business tax return, if applicable. 
  •   Tax Information Estate and Trusts: use this folder if applicable.
  •   Client Uploads and Downloads: should be used for IRS letters and other non-tax return documents.
  •   E-File Authorizations Signed: use to upload your signed e-file forms.  Our office needs you to return the signed Efiles BEFORE we can electronically file your returns.
  1. After you have determined what folder you will upload to, make sure you name your document so it makes sense to us, such as W2s, all 1099s, Mortgage Interest, K1s, Charitable Donations, etc.   That saves us time from having to open and re-name your documents when we save them to our files.  
  1. To upload:
  • Click on the folder you want to use and the folder should open.
  • Click Upload icon from toolbar at top.  A box will open. 
  • Click Add Files.  Please note that you should only add one file at a time and then click Start Upload.  Although it appears that you can add mutiple files at one time, the system is unable to correctly upload each file.  Please only do one file at  time.   It only takes seconds once you click Start Upload.
  • Click Start Upload to upload each single file.  Repeat Click Add Files as many times as necessary to upload each of your files. 
  • Our Firm receives an automated message each time you complete an upload.  If you uploaded, but decided to delete the item(s), please send an email to so we will know the upload will not be there when the file is opened.
  1. We recommend that you keep a log or spreadsheet and record the tax documents you upload during tax season so that you will be able to look back and see what documents you have provided to our Firm.  This is an important component since documents do not remain in the portal indefinitely.  Some staff prefer to delete the item as soon as they have saved it to our files and all remaining uploads will automatically be deleted after 14 days.     

How to access tax returns, including Efiles to sign:

NOTE:  Tax returns will not typically be in your File Exchange folders.  You should see the names (from the tax returns) listed directly below the words File Exchange. These returns have been uploaded from our tax software. The names could include your personal returns, and trust or business tax returns.

  1. Click on the names (in capital letters) to open the files. 
  2. The year(s) of the returns will appear.  Click on the year you want to view.
  3. Click on the files labeled Action Items.  A new file will appear for each return (US and all applicable states). 
  • Efile forms AND payments (including estimated payments) are located in these files.
  • Open each return under Action Items and print and complete the action requested. Please note that there should be separate Action Items folders for the Federal return and each state return.  Our office needs you to return the signed Efiles BEFORE we can electronically file your returns.  Please include the Federal Efile and all applicable required Efiles by state.   Some states do not require a separate Efile although the return is being efiled. 
  1. Below Action Items, each tax return is stored. Right click to print and/or save each of your returns.  We suggest you save your returns for easy access should you need to look at or send a copy.
  2. Note: you may not have Action Items should your returns have been uploaded after the returns were filed.



How do I access the portal?  Either click on Client Portal Login on our homepage ( OR go to  Login box will open.

What is my user name?   Initially it is the email you provided at the time we set up the portal.  If you do not know your user name, please contact or call 678-443-9200. 

What is my password?  Go to login and enter user name and click Forgot Password.  A new password will be sent to the email on file associated with the portal.   

How do I change my account login or email?  Once in your portal, click on the account name in the upper right corner to edit account (change user name, password and email) or update MFA.

I have a new phone or device and can't seem to get into the portal?  You had previously set up MFA (multifactor authentication) and may need a 24 hour passcode to enter portal and then update MFA.  You can only get a passcode from or by calling 678-443-9200; please include your phone #.  Someone may see your message after hours or on a weekend so no need to wait until Monday am.  It is worth a try!  Once you access the portal, please update password and manage MFA (those options are found by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of portal.).

More MFA glitches.  You have entered the 24 hr passcode and still can't get into your portal.  It is time for a new password so go to login and click Forgot Password.  A new password will be emailed to you.  Then use the provided password and ask front desk for a new eight digit passcode to use to access portal.  This time you should be able to access your portal.  Please make sure to update password and manage MFA (those options are found by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of portal.).

How does your tax preparer know that you have uploaded information?    Our front office will receive an email from the portal system each time you upload and then your tax preparer will be notified.  You are welcome to send an email, but it is not necessary.

How will I know when something has been added to my portal?   You should receive an automated email whenever something has been uploaded by our firm.  Please make sure you update your portal account settings so that your best email address is listed.  Uploads to any File Exchange folders will automatically be deleted after 14 days, so please save before that happens.

How long does information stay in my portal?  Many of our tax preparers will delete your portal uploads once they have saved your information.  All content within the File Exchange folders will automatically be deleted after 14 days.  Please note that all tax returns which appear below the heading File Exchange remain indefinitely because those returns have been added to your portal by our tax software for your records. Thus, tax returns prepared by our firm, generally will be in a separate file located under File Exchange and those return(s) will be labeled with the name on the tax return.

Will my tax returns be uploaded to my portal annually?  Our office will upload returns upon request (either the return will be sent to you by way of the portal at the time the return is finished or you may request an upload after the return has been filed).  These returns will appear below the heading File Exchange.  You will need to click on the name (it appears in CAPS) and then the returns will be listed by tax year.

Other Questions or Problems using your Portal:   Please send a message to or call the office if you have additional questions regarding portals or if you incur problems using your portal. 

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