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Tax Organizers

We can prepare a Tax organizer for our clients who use us for their personal tax returns.  The Tax Organizer is personalized and provides information that was used in the previous year's tax return.  It is designed to help you pull out tax information for your current return although you will still need to let your CPA know of new or closed accounts, life cycle changes, and any new circumstances that would affect your tax return. We do not prepare organizers for businesses, estates, and trusts. 

Please request your Tax Organizer here. Tax organizers can generally be prepared after January 15.

New to us?  We may not be able to provide a personalized tax organizer, but you may download a Blank Tax Organizer here.

Questionnaires (if you do not want to use a Tax Organizer)

We encourage all of our clients who use us for their personal returns, to complete a Questionnaire to be submitted annually with their tax documents.  Please download a Questionnaire here.  Please note that a Questionnaire is automatically included in all Tax Organizers.

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